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Doc and Amy Pittillo both have a mutual love of music and art, especially for non-mainstream roots music. We decided to add accordion repair inside the already established Guitar Doctor. The young people’s resurgence for roots music and old school instrumentation is on the rise, it is time to re-kindle your passion for the accordion! Our experienced technician Gil has always had a strong love for music. As a boy he started playing the accordion, winning many awards. With over 50 years of playing under his belt, he has become adept at diagnosing and repairing accordions, sometimes out of necessity but mainly for the love of the instrument

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Accordion Repair

Our repair shop provides full-service repairs and restoration on all makes and models. We bestow authentic restoration techniques to preserve the original energy and value of your cherished instrument.

  • We perform all repairs in the shop and stock new and used parts of the highest quality.
  • Free estimates for external repairs ($25 charge to open the instrument for a detailed written estimate or evaluation)
  • Accordions should be serviced roughly every 2 years of use and should be tuned every 20 years

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We’re the Exclusive Distributor!

Black Diamond Accordions is now available in the USA through our exclusive distributors,
D&A Accordions, Fountain Valley, California.

D&A Accordion repair and restoration


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April 2nd 5:00-8:00pm

Launch Black Diamond

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Driving Miz Daisy Vintage Market

April 10th 8:00—3:00pm 

Saddleback College