Service & Repair

Our repair shop provides full-service repairs and restoration on all makes and models. We bestow authentic restoration techniques to preserve the original energy and value of your cherished instrument.

  •     We perform all repairs in the shop and stock new and used parts of the highest quality.
  •     Free estimates for external repairs ($25 charge to open the instrument for a detailed written estimate or evaluation)
  •     Accordions should be serviced roughly every 2 years of use and should be tuned every 20 years

accordion-vintage-ladies.jpgServices Include:

Internal/ External Cleaning
Complete buffing of instrument, internal dusting, mechanism lubrication

Sound Quality Improvements and Servicing
Rewax loose reeds, replace reed valves, align stuck reeds

Bellows Compression Work
Reduce air leakage by patching or replacing bellows or replacing gasket

Switch and Mechanism Repair
Improve performance of slow or problematic mechanisms

Microphone and Midi Installation
We stock complete systems and install them with care to preserve the acoustic integrity

Keyboard/ Button Repair
Align stuck or uneven keys, straighten buttons, improve action and response

Pad Replacement and Keyboard Adjustment
Rebuild and replace loose treble or bass pads

Full Servicing and Restoration
Spot tuning of bad reeds, replace reed set